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For disabled people and the elderly, it’s often difficult to get to important medical appointments. It’s also a challenge for people that don’t have a car. Non-emergency medical transportation provides a way for patients to reach their appointments. And, it’s often a better choice than having a friend or family member drive you.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the many benefits of medical transportation, such as how it saves time and money. We’ll also cover how medical transport is the safest way to reach your appointments.

Medical Transportation Helps You Maintain Your Health

Missed medical appointments can lead to serious health issues for people with chronic conditions. For example, when a kidney hemodialysis patient misses an appointment, there is a high risk they’ll have an emergency medical situation. Yet, only 25% of hemodialysis patients drive or walk to their dialysis appointments.

As with dialysis patients, people with other types of chronic conditions risk of severe complications if they miss an appointment. Medical transportation is especially important when patients can no longer drive because of their condition or age.

By getting you to your appointments, medical transportation helps to keep you healthy.

Medical Transportation Saves Time, Money, and Stress

Medical transportation isn’t only for the disabled and chronically ill patients. What if you don’t have a car? Missing preventive medical appointments means you’re at risk of your health deteriorating. Medical transport helps you reach these appointments.

Even if you can afford a car or have access to reliable public transportation, medical transportation can save you time and money. Cars are expensive to operate. It’s not only the cost of fuel but also regular maintenance and the cost of car repairs. With medical transportation, most health insurance policies and Medicaid covers the expense.

With medical transportation, you don’t have to endure the time and stress of finding someone to take you to your appointments. You don’t have to place a burden on your friends or family by having them take off from work. It makes life easier not only for you but also for your loved ones.

Medical Transportation Is the Safer and More Convenient Way To Get to Your Medical Appointments

Medical transportation is the safest and most convenient way to reach your appointments. Some disabilities make it difficult, if not impossible, to drive yourself. Some medical treatments can impair your ability to drive. Patients sometimes get sick during the drive.

With medical transportation from HM Transport, you’ll have a driver that knows how to administer first-aid and CPR. Drivers for ride-share services and taxis rarely have this training.

HH Transport’s vehicles handle wheelchairs and other necessary medical accessories. You can even bring your service dog or a loved one with you on the trip.


If you need a ride to your medical appointment, you don’t have to sacrifice safety and convenience. You can book a reservation online today, or call us at 703.304.7889. At HM Transport, we’re available 24/7 to help you.


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