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Non-emergency transportation is a flexible method of getting around that helps meet the needs of people who have limited mobility. This type of transportation may be available to help with medical appointments, surgical procedures, or even a trip to an appointment in the city. It is also possible to call on this type of help when you just want to go out for dinner with friends, or you need a way to get to the airport.

The flexibility of non-emergency transportation makes it ideal for anyone who has any type of limitation on their ability to get in and out of a vehicle. For many, it can be life changing because it allows for an easy, readily available method for getting around.

Consider the Ways Non-Emergency Transportation Can Help You

If you need help getting to and from any location, reach out to non-emergency transportation to help you make it possible. In nearly all situations, there is a solution available to you.

You need special access

If you are unable to leave a wheelchair or you cannot navigate without a mobile scooter, non-emergency transportation can provide you with the support you need. You can use this type of transportation for any need. The vehicle will arrive at your home, help to load the wheelchair into the vehicle, and secure it into place.

You are bed bound

Some people are unable to leave their beds due to a lack of mobility or stability. You may still need to go to the doctor or a medical appointment. In this situation, you can schedule the non-emergency transportation to come to your home and help you make the trip. Some vehicles have the necessary equipment to facilitate moving a person on a stretcher, which includes helping you to get onto that stretcher.

Your eyesight is no longer what it used to be

You may be able to be mobile, but you can no longer see well to get around. Driving is not safe for you, but you still need to go to the grocery store or see friends. Non-emergency medical transport can help you to do that. You can set up a schedule for getting around that fits your individual needs. Then, you do not have to worry about calling a friend to take you.

You need support while traveling

Do you need to travel with oxygen? Perhaps you need to have a medical professional available to help you with support while you are moving. For those who are safer in a wheelchair than they are in the passenger seat of a car, non-emergency transportation can prove very valuable.

For Any Need, Contact Our Team

H&M Transport provides the resources you need to get where you need to go. Even with limited mobility, it may still be possible to navigate the world the way you want to when you have a trusted team of professionals with the right transportation options available to you.


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