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Ambulatory Transport

For passengers with limited mobility that do not require wheelchair or stretcher transportation– our assisted ambulatory transportation service is available.

While there are a variety of ambulatory transport options such as taxis or ride share apps- H&M’s service is differentiated by our door through door service which includes assisting our passengers from inside their homes to the vehicle, then into their medical appointments 

an elderly man in a walker with a medical worker

Benefits of Ambulatory Transportation

Ambulatory transportation allows our clients to get to and from important appointments, like doctor appointments, safely. There are many benefits to choosing ambulatory transport over other forms of ride sharing.


Safety is our top priority at H&M Transport. Ambulatory transportation is perfect for individuals that need assistance in getting to the vehicle or to their destination. 

All of our drivers are screened for criminal history, clean driving records and drug use. Then our drivers are extensively trained to the highest national standards to ensure our passengers get to their destinations safely. 


H&M offers multiple methods to schedule ambulatory transport services to provide the highest level of convenience for our passengers. Our customers can call us at 703-304-7889 our customer service agents are available 24/7/365.

We offer an online scheduling tool, or you can download our app and once your account is verified- you can schedule the transportation. If you have questions about our services, please utilize the contact us form and our customer success manager will call you within one business day to schedule the transportation. While we will try to accommodate same day requests for transportation to appointments, we can not guarantee availability. So please contact us to schedule at least 24 hours in advance.  


Our fleet of ambulatory vehicles are equipped to provide comfort and safety to our passengers. Our vehicles have the storage space to hold walkers, canes, and other medical devices that our passengers may need. 

Assisted Ambulatory Pickup

What sets us apart from alternative ambulatory transportation options is our standard level of service. H&M provides Assisted Ambulatory transportation, which means our drivers will meet the passengers at their door or even come into to the home to assist the passengers safely into the vehicle. Then when we arrive at your medical appointment, our drivers will you into the facility and ensure you are checked in for your appointment When it’s time for your return trip, our drivers will meet you inside of the facility and assist you back into the vehicle and your home.

This level of service is not offered with ride share apps or through most taxi companies. So if you or your loved one need a transportation service that will go the extra mile to ensure you make it to your appointment on time and safely- H&M Transport’s Assisted Ambulatory transportation is the best option 

Client getting ambulatory transport services and help with getting out of a van with a walker.

What is the Difference Between Ambulatory Transportation and Wheelchair/Stretcher Transportation?

While the outcome of arriving to your appointment safely and on time is the same, our ambulatory transportation is a different service than our Wheelchair and Stretcher transportation.  

The primary difference is that our ambulatory transport services are for clients who can independently ambulate and do not require assistance devices beyond a walker or cane. While our wheelchair and stretcher transport services are designed to transport our clients on the selected device. For example, if a client is bed-bound, we can help them on the stretcher and transport them on the stretcher to their destination. 

If you are in need of a wheelchair transport or a stretcher transport, please let us know when you call us at 703.304.7889 or when you fill out our form online. 

Ambulatory Transport Reservations

  • SAME-DAY RESERVATIONS: Speak with a member of our team to expedite your request at 703-304-7889.
  • THE 4:00 PM RULE: All orders for next business day must be received by 4:00PM local time the day before to guarantee availability and scheduling.
  • TRIP DETAILS: Please use the “Notes” section to notify our team about important trip details such as: Appointment type, estimated duration of your appointment (if you need our services for the return trip) and number of stairs entering/exiting your home (if you need assistance going up/down the stairs).
  • STAIRS: Please note, if you need to be transferred up or down stairs, the quoted price will increase by a minimum $40 each way due to additional personnel required for the trip.
  • WEIGHT: For patients over 300 lbs, select Bariatric Service.
  • ​CANCELLATION POLICY: We know life happens and sometimes appointments need to be cancelled and/or rescheduled. We also know your time is valuable – and so is ours. Please cancel/change an appointment at least two (2) hours prior to the pick-up time to avoid fees. Changes/cancellations can be done through our mobile app, emailing us at [email protected] or by calling 703-304-7889.