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What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a transportation service for people who do not require medical attention during transportation but have special needs that normal vehicles cannot accommodate.

Can I travel in my own wheelchair or will H&M provide the wheelchair?

Yes, absolutely! You can use your own manual or electric wheelchair. However, H&M can provide you with a comfortable wheelchair for your ride. If you need us to provide you with a wheelchair or other accommodations, please let our dispatcher know upon scheduling.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, major credit cards and personal checks. The payments are due at the time of transportation unless other arrangements have been made in advance with the dispatcher.

Do you accept insurance?

We Sure do! If NEMT is not a frequently utilized benefit of your insurance plan, call them and ask for a pre-authorization letter, then email us the letter and your trip details to schedule. If you can not obtain a preauthorization letter, we accept private pay through credit cards, cash or check and we will provide you with a detailed invoice for Health Saving Plans reimbursements.

In addition to private insurance plan, we partner with most Virginia Medicaid/Medicare plans, contact your insurance provider for further details and request H&M Transport!

Does H&M work with local facilities to accommodate transportation needs?

Yes! We have service agreements with most providers in the area. When scheduling your next appointment or discharging from a facility, ask about any options the provider has to cover the cost of transportation with H&M.

How much advance notice do I need to schedule transportation?

We recommend at least 24 hours advance notification to confirm the transportation. We can also offer services within 2-3 hours from your phone call.

What are your hours of operations?

H&M operates 24 hours a day and 7 days week, 365 days a year, including holidays. Our professional and courteous dispatchers can be reached by phone day or night. Our drivers and vehicles are always there to serve your transportation needs when you need it.

Can my caregiver or family member ride with me?

Yes, of course, they can! Your caregiver or family member is welcomed to ride with you. In addition, we are happy to accommodate your service animal as well. We will not charge extra for additional passengers or service animal to come along with you, but keep in mind that our vans have 1 extra seat so we cannot accommodate more than 2 passengers.

Will the driver take me inside and/or stay with me during the appointment?

Our guaranteed services are our quality and respect we provide to you, by all means, we will provide services “door through door and bed to bed” based on your specific needs. Our drivers are prepared to transfer you from your position to a wheelchair. Upon arrival to your destination, our professional drivers will notify the appropriate personnel and ensure that you are checked for your appointment and safe at your location.

If you need a return transportation with pickup time unknown, our drivers will provide the office staff with a business card and request that they call us 30 minutes prior to the completion of your appointment. If the client requests the driver to stay for whole appointment duration, please request this when booking the transport so we can make the appropriate accommodations to meet your needs.

Do you offer door-through-door services?

Yes! We are more than happy to provide door-through-door services. Our specialties include bariatric transportation and stretcher transportation, both of which rely on door-through-door services. Regardless of mobility, our friendly and reputable drivers provide all the help necessary to get you or your loved one out of the house and to your appointment on time

Are your drivers first-aid certified and trained in CPR?

No matter what happens out on the road, we vow to keep your loved one as safe as possible. That’s why all our drivers are trained in CPR and first aid certified. Furthermore, all drivers undergo patient and elder sensitivity, as well as defensive driving courses.

What type of transportation equipment do you use?

We rely on Stryker, Ferno, Drive & Medline brand wheelchairs, stretchers, and other medical transportation equipment. These brands are trusted across the industry and used by local fire departments and EMS.

Do you provide transportation to things other than doctor appointments?

Of course! We can take you wherever you need to go, from physical therapy appointments to a graduation party for your grandchild. If you are going somewhere that does not have a specific end time, you can give us a call when you’re appointment is finished, or for an additional fee, you may request drivers stay on site so that you have a ride the moment you are ready to leave.

How do you ensure vehicles are safe and clean?

We never use old or unreliable vehicles to transport our clients. All our vehicles are 2016 or newer, and certified crash test compliant. Weekly inspections are performed on all vehicles to provide the highest level of reliability and safety. Cleanliness is another thing we take very seriously. All vehicles are disinfected after each trip & detailed on a weekly basis.

Are drivers drug tested?

Driving can turn dangerous rather quickly, that’s why we take every precaution possible to hire the safest drivers. All employees are subject to drug testing and we operate a smoke-free and alcohol-free business.

How do you monitor drivers out on the road?

We rely on advanced vehicle monitoring systems to ensure patient safety out on the road at all times. Our vehicles are equipped with full driver-monitoring systems that track speed, braking, acceleration, and more.

Do you offer long distance non-emergency medical transportation?

Yes! Our goal is to safely take you from point A to Point B, no matter the locations, coast to coast. Please note that our rates are based on trip mileage, and trips exceeding $50 miles include a long distance surcharge.

Do you offer stretcher transportation?

Yes! We specialize in stretcher transportation for patients that are bed-ridden, recently out of surgery, unable to sit in a wheelchair, or immobile for any reason at all. All stretchers come with a minimum 2-person crew to ensure safety and comfort.

Do you offer bariatric transportation?

Yes! We specialize in bariatric transportation. We have 24” wheelchairs and stretchers to support utmost comfort for patients of all sizes.