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Stretcher Transport Services

At H&M Transport, we understand that certain medical conditions and post-surgery recovery periods require specialized transit solutions. That’s why we dedicate our services to ensure that individuals who are bedridden, have just undergone surgery, are unable to use a wheelchair, or are immobile due to various health conditions can travel with the utmost care.

Stretcher transport service with a client

Details of Service

H&M Transport offers Stretcher Transportation services, which include a bed-to-bed transfer. Our service utilizes specially modified vans for stretcher transfers, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for our passengers. The same Power-Assist Stryker cots used by ambulance agencies are employed to maximize passenger comfort. Throughout the entire trip, the patient remains on the stretcher, either lying flat or in a reclined position, depending on their comfort.

Our stretcher transportation service necessitates a minimum of two operators. However, under certain special circumstances, we may require additional team members to assist with the transfer from the bed to the stretcher and vice versa.

Whether you’re traveling for a medical appointment, returning home from the hospital, or need transportation to a rehabilitation facility, H&M Transport ensures a seamless journey from start to finish.

An empty H&M Transport stretcher with restraints, ready for use, inside the back of vehicle

Who Needs Stretcher Transport Services?

Our stretcher transportation is specifically designed for individuals who are bedridden or have a medical condition that limits their mobility.

Our stretcher transport services are perfect for passengers who are/have:

  • Bedbound or bedridden
  • Paralysis
  • Elderly, fragile, or injured
  • Health conditions that prevent flying commercially
  • Limited mobility
  • Bedsores or wound care concerns
  • Mental or emotional heath issues
  • Portable oxygen

If you or a family member identify with one of these situations, give us a call to see if our gurney transports are the right fit for you.

Stretcher vs. Wheelchair Transports

As opposed to our wheelchair transport services, our stretcher transports are made for individuals who have a difficult time riding in a wheelchair for an extended period of time, cannot stay upright in a wheelchair, or who do not fit into a wheelchair.

Our stretcher van fleet is specially designed to safely hold stretchers inside. We use Stryker Power stretchers for comfort and safety as they are regarded as the best stretcher and patient transportation manufacturer in the industry.

Apart from our fleet, our drivers must also go through extensive training and must meet strict requirements to become H&M stretcher drivers.

Driver Requirements

  • Our stretcher teams are trained to the highest industry standard training level, the NEMTAC Certified Stretcher Operator course
  • Stretcher teams are trained to properly assist in transferring passengers from bed to stretcher
  • Drivers are certified and current in CPR/First aid
  • All employees have passed criminal background checks and drug screenings.
  • Drivers motor vehicle records are checked upon hire and constantly monitored to ensure a safe driving record
  • All drivers must complete a defensive driving course annually
  • Drivers maintain a professional appearance with company provided uniform and photo ID
  • Drivers are trained to address infection control issues and maintain cleanliness according to healthcare standards.
  • Drivers know how to communicate with the patient, physician and nursing staff.
  • Drivers are trained in HIPPA compliance to understand the significance of patient confidentiality and know how to maintain it.
gurney being pushed during a stretcher transportation

Our Stretcher Van Destinations

Our stretcher van fleet is designed to make your experience comfortable and safe, regardless of the distance or destination.

Our transportation services are intended for the following situations:

  • Discharges from hospitals to various facilities like nursing homes, assisted living centers, rehab centers, and retirement homes.
  • Discharges from hospitals to private residences.
  • Transfers from one hospital to another.
  • Transport services for surgery.
  • Hospital outpatient visits.
  • Patients needing to get to and from physical therapy appointments.
  • Doctor appointments.
  • Our drop-off and wait service is ideal for quick visits or appointments.
  • Transport for chemotherapy and dialysis patients.
  • Long-distance stretcher transports for both discharges and intake.
  • For special events like weddings, funerals, family functions, and religious services, we’re available for standby.
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The H&M Experience

  • Family-Owned Excellence: We’re a family-run business that values every client like family. Our personal touch distinguishes our services and establishes trust within our community.
  • Extensive Experience: Boasting over ten years in non-emergency medical transportation, we bring expertise and reliability to the forefront of our service.
  • Full Fleet Accommodation: Availability is not a concern with our fleet. Every vehicle is prepared and equipped, ready to meet your stretcher transportation needs.
  • Comprehensive Service Area: Serving Virginia and the Washington DC Metro area, our reach spans far and wide, ensuring we can get you to your destination with ease.
  • Safety and Comfort Focus: Your journey should be as comfortable as it is safe. We’re dedicated to providing a transportation experience that caters to the individual needs of our passengers.

Stretcher Transport Reservations

  • SAME-DAY RESERVATIONS: Speak with a member of our team to expedite your request at 703-304-7889.
  • THE 4:00 PM RULE: All orders for next business day must be received by 4:00PM local time the day before to guarantee availability and scheduling.
  • TRIP DETAILS: Please use the “Notes” section to notify our team about important trip details such as: Appointment type, estimated duration of your appointment (if you need our services for the return trip) and number of stairs entering/exiting your home (if you need assistance going up/down the stairs).
  • STAIRS: Please note, if you need to be transferred up or down stairs, the quoted price will increase by a minimum $40 each way due to additional personnel required for the trip.
  • WEIGHT: For patients over 300 lbs, select Bariatric Service.
  • ​CANCELLATION POLICY: We know life happens and sometimes appointments need to be cancelled and/or rescheduled. We also know your time is valuable – and so is ours. Please cancel/change an appointment at least two (2) hours prior to the pick-up time to avoid fees. Changes/cancellations can be done through our mobile app, emailing us at [email protected] or by calling 703-304-7889.

Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Stretcher Transportation

Non-emergency medical transport, otherwise known as NEMT, provides many benefits to individuals who need medical attention, but are not in need of emergency services.

Non-emergency medical stretcher transport is much cheaper than emergency transportation. On average, NEMT is 30% to 70% cheaper than emergency medical transport. This can be a huge cost savings for individuals that are in need of transportation, but are not in an emergency.

Apart from the cost savings, NEMT stretcher transport is also accessible and convenient. Our drivers operate 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that we can schedule a transportation at any time, and pick you up from anywhere. Our services are meant to make transportation easy and convenient for our clients.

Another benefit is safety, which is our top priority when conducting stretcher transportations. Our fleet of stretcher vans are equipped to safely hold stretchers inside. We also send two trained team members to each stretcher transport to ensure that we can safely transport our clients from point A to point B, while providing comfort inside the van. Not to mention that our vans go through updates and maintenance constantly to ensure that they are safe for each ride we conduct.

There are many other inherent benefits to NEMT services, such as independence and peace of mind. However, we think that the cost savings, convenience, and safety are the strongest benefits to non-emergency stretcher transport services.

Stretcher Transport Near You!

Rest assured, you’ll ride easy when you book with H&M Transport. Our fleet of vans are designed with hydraulic lifts or a rear-loading ramp, allowing us to accommodate any and all passengers who need a variety of transportation services. Whether you’re headed to Richmond, VA or Washington, D.C., we’re happy to get you there. As the #1 service in the area, you can count on us for all your non-emergency medical transportation.

Here is a list of cities and areas we service: