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Whether major or minor surgery, any type of procedure can take time to heal from and typically requires careful methods to reduce the risk of complications. One of the things many people do not plan for is how they will get home after a significant surgical procedure. Sometimes going home in a personal vehicle is just fine, but there are other situations in which safe transport means turning to a professional service.

Determine the Type of Transportation Best for You

There are a range of options available for those who need transport home after a surgical procedure. The type of transport should be determined by any limitations you have.

For example, if you are unable to walk due to your procedure, being in a wheelchair may be necessary for a few days or weeks. In this case, it may be critical to choose a wheelchair accessible type of transportation as that helps ensure you do not suffer injury. For example, if standing on a leg after surgery could cause sutures to open up, transferring from a wheelchair into a car may not be safe. That could lead to significant injuries and complications.

In other situations, a person may be heading to a rehab center or therapy at home. They may be unable to sit upright in a wheelchair and need transportation that keeps them flat. In this situation, a vehicle that provides a safe way to transport in a flat position is essential.

Complications from the Wrong Transport

There are a wide range of benefits to turning to a professional support service for transportation to and from medical procedures. In many situations, it is critical to ensure that a professional service provides this care. Consider a few reasons why.

  •   It’s a sterile environment. Traveling in a professionally cleaned and sanitary environment is critical for those facing a high risk of infections. This is specifically true in situations where a person is traveling home with a weakened immune system.
  •   Proper securing in the vehicle. For those with fragile conditions, transporting in a vehicle that offers ample features to ensure a person does not move and cannot be tossed about is critical. These vehicles are designed to ensure a person does not shift while traveling, adding a level of protection.
  •   Easy help into and out of the vehicle. Sometimes one of the best reasons for professional transport is simply having the ability to transfer from a wheelchair into the vehicle and out safely. The help of a professional who can ensure a person does not fall and has ample support is critical.

In some situations, doctors will provide recommendations for safely traveling to and from the surgical facility. They may even require medical transport services to handle the process to minimize any risks. Following these rules may help to reduce your risks.

H&M Transport can help ensure you get home from your surgical procedure with care and attention to your specific needs. Our team is ready to help you make the move safely.


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