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Non-emergency medical transportation is critical for anyone that needs medical care but does not need an ambulance to provide care during the transportation process. For a person unable to transport themselves for any reason, having a reliable provider of not just any transportation but the proper medical transportation solutions is critical. It is often wise to have solutions lined up in advance to ensure they can be contacted whenever there is a need.

Why is the type of transportation so important? What should you look for to ensure you are getting the right type of transportation? Here’s what to consider.

You Know the Ride Is Safe

When it comes to choosing medical transportation, the vehicle itself plays a role in just how safe the transportation is. For example, someone that is a larger size or a person that is very small needs proper seating provided to them. This often means ensuring there is a way to be fastened into the vehicle and positioned to reduce any risk of injury.

It also means that the person driving the vehicle is competent and understands the delicate nature of the trip. That means they can ensure that the passenger makes it where they need to go without risk.

Also, note that some people are not able to move from their wheelchairs. They may need to be able to be transported in a medical bed. For those who have special accommodation needs like this, it is critical to have the right transportation to facilitate the process. That includes moving into and out of the vehicle with ease.

They Have Vital Medical Equipment on Board

In some situations, non-emergency medical transportation will have professionals on board that know how to handle emergency situations. They may not be as equipped as a traditional ambulance (though some are), but they can provide care to a person if there is a need that suddenly arises.

For example, a person may need to have access to life-saving equipment while they are on the way to the hospital due to a sudden event happening. They need the equipment and a professional on board to help them get that care right away. A medical transportation provider can often oversee what’s occurring to minimize risks.

They Need Reliable Care at a Better Cost

While you should always prioritize safe medical transportation, calling an ambulance for all types of injuries or needs is simply not cost effective. For those who do not have a life threatening condition, using non-emergency medical transport means getting where you need to go quickly but not having to pay the high cost of calling 911 for care. For many people, this is critical.

Choosing the best type of medical transport for you or your loved one is critical. Learn as much as you can about the transportation options available before making the decision of how to get help. It is wise to line up these services in advance, so they are available when there is a need.


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