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When the time comes to get medical transport, you may find the process challenging in every situation in which you need special amenities or care. While it is often possible to call 911 for a life-threatening emergency, that is not the ideal situation for everyday use or in situations where a person does not need life sustaining support on the ride to the hospital. That is where H & M Transport can help you.

We offer a range of vehicles to help you to get to and from your location safely. We specialize in providing people with the transportation support they need when they cannot transport themselves for any reason. Consider a few of our vehicle types that may be helpful to you.

Ambulatory Transport

Those who need assistive devices while walking or transferring from a car to a wheelchair may want to use this type of support. It can also help when a person needs some help entering and exiting a vehicle, even if they can walk after doing so. Here, individuals need just slight modifications to the transportation process to make it easier and safer.

Wheelchair Transport

Sometimes, a person needs help with a wheelchair. They may be unable to get out of the wheelchair on their own and need to be transported in it. Our vans can accommodate that. These ensure that a person can be safely put into the van using rear entrance solutions. This can accommodate most needs, including power scooters and personal wheelchairs.

Stretcher Transport

Some people need more advanced needs and therefore need a vehicle that can handle stretcher transport. If you do not meet medical necessity and you cannot sit upright in the vehicle, it is possible to be transported in a lying position. Our vans are equipped to handle this type of transport, ensuring that a person is easily placed into the vehicle and removed with care while ensuring they are safe throughout the drive as well.

Bariatric Transport

Some people need additional support. Our vehicles can help move people who are 300 to 650 pounds. These provide specific equipment to help make this possible. That includes the use of expandable patient surface components on stretchers. This ensures both a safe and more comfortable transport. We can also accommodate bariatric wheelchairs.

What Type of Transportation Do You Need?

H&M Transport has a lineup of vans that can provide for most needs. That includes for medical appointments but also for other services such as going to and from church, running errands, or other needs, even long-distance transport, and one-way trips.

Your first step is to give us a call or book transportation directly on our site. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about the vehicle options available as well as how they work. We want to ensure you feel safe and are protected throughout these experiences to ensure you get the care you need in the proper manner. 


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