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Safety is one of the top concerns for most people when selecting a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) service. For most, if not all, NEMT services, your safety is the number one priority. Finding a reputable, professional, and well-established NEMT service can ensure you have the safest, most comfortable, and worry-free transport to wherever you need to go. Follow along as we outline what makes for safe non-emergency medical transport.

What makes non-emergency medical transport safe?

There are several different factors that go into making your transport as safe as possible. You’ll want to make sure that the non-emergency medical transport service can accommodate any of your special needs or equipment, has well-trained professional drivers, and employs only new, clean, and safe non-emergency medical transport vehicles.

Can the vehicle accommodate your needs?

At H&M Transport, your safety comes first. H&M Transport’s non-emergency medical transport vehicles are well-equipped to accommodate any number of patients’ special needs. Their fleet of vehicles is modified to maximize space, secure patients with harnesses, and include ramps and lifts. Whatever your special needs, whether it is obesity, dependence on a wheelchair or walker, needing a stretcher, or being visually impaired; all H&M Transport vehicles are equipped to accommodate you. If you require a caretaker, family member, or service animal to accompany you, all are welcome to ride with you.

Do they have trained drivers?

Although a driver will bring you from point A to point B as quickly and safely as possible, their responsibilities do not stop when you exit the vehicle. Driving can become dangerous rather quickly, and having a well-trained seasoned staff is paramount to ensuring a safe journey. Trained H&M Transport drivers are CPR certified and required to regularly pass drug screenings to guarantee your safety at every step of the way.

Staff will be able to help you from door to door and beyond, regardless of what special equipment you might require. Your safety doesn’t stop being a priority when you exit the vehicle. Drivers can help you with door-to-door service, making sure you safely enter and exit your home and enter and exit your destination.

Are the vehicles safe?

H&M Transport’s fleet of vehicles is no older than 5 years old and is all heavily modified to meet and surpass a high threshold of safety standards. Using a medical transport service like H&M Transport ensures that the vehicle you’re being transported in is new, routinely inspected, and regularly serviced; reducing the risk of accidents or breakdowns. H&M Transport inspects, cleans, and sterilizes each and every vehicle after each patient transport, keeping all patients as safe as possible.


By communicating early with a dispatcher about your special needs and requests, you can ensure the driver and vehicle are well-equipped to help you reach your destination as safely and comfortably as possible. By reaching out ahead of your appointment, you can help H&M Transport better prepare your driver, meet your equipment needs in a timely fashion, and create a safe, supportive environment for yourself.

Feel free to contact H&M Transport to find out how they can assist you with any special needs and ask any pertinent questions as it relates to accommodations and safety. H&M will gladly answer all of your questions and schedule any transportation appointments for you.


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