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H&M medical transportation services offer the best non-emergency medical transportation in Virginia and the Washington DC Metro area. We are a family-owned business that has been in operation since 2007.

We guarantee your comfort and safety when you use our services. However, there are certain tips that you can adopt to make the ride as seamless as possible for you and the H & M transport service team.

1. Plan ahead of time for your ride.

Like any other journey, planning and preparing for your medical ride is necessary. Ensure you take time to pack all that you need during the ride because forgetting any essential item is really time-consuming and highly inconvenient. It not only inconveniences you, the patient, but it also inconveniences the H & M medical transportation services crew.

Things such as your reading glasses, your cell phone, or your cell phone charger could disrupt your medical ride if forgotten. Making a checklist is a great way to ensure you don’t forget anything or worry about having forgotten something. It will help you remain relaxed and focused throughout your medical ride.

For long-distance non-emergency rides, ensure you have at least a two-day supply of your medicine since the H & M team will not have your medication at hand.

2. Keep the H & M Medical Transport Team Aware of All Needs

Make sure you tell the H&M medical transport team of any needs before or during the medical drive. Talk to the driver or the medical professionals about the food you may need during the journey. If you feel hungry, don’t shy away from informing them, and they will definitely find food for you.

Your comfort needs are equally important. Do you need a blanket, pillows, sheets, or anything else? Just inform the driver or the H & M medical transportation professionals and your needs will be met.

3. For any special request, notify the H & M Medical Transport Team in advance

You may like a certain type of movie, drink, or snack. The H & M medical transport team can easily cater to such requests if notified in advance. You may even want to stop at a particular place during your long-distance medical trip. Kindly inform the crew in advance so that the crew can ensure they have enough time to cater to your request.

4. Give room for the driver to efficiently perform his function

The sole function of the driver is to ensure that you and your family safely get to your destination. Hence, after speaking to the driver, letting them know your needs, and settling in, it is advisable to let them drive with minimum distraction. It is not wrong to converse with the driver, but you ought to ensure the conversation does not negatively affect his/her main purpose. It is not advisable to order the driver around or do anything that will degrade the efficiency of the service the driver offers.

5. Be emergency ready

It is vital to be ready for any scenario. Your medical equipment should work perfectly and you should ensure you have everything in place for anything that might occur. Do not assume anything or take anything lightly.

With the above tips, a safe and seamless medical ride with H & M medical transportation services is guaranteed.


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