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There are a variety of reasons why you might be looking into medical transportation. If you are dealing with a temporary medical condition, you might be looking for a short-term solution to transportation problems. If you have a long-term condition or if your condition has deteriorated, you may be in need of reliable transport to your medical appointments.

Continue reading to discover who can benefit from medical transportation and why it might be right for you.

Follow-up Appointments

Whether you have recently been released from the hospital or went to urgent care for treatment, you might need to see your regular doctor. Making and then getting to that follow-up appointment might be a challenge. Hospitals and urgent care can treat the most serious and urgent issues, but follow-up appointments are frequently required to manage your condition in the long term.

Whether it is due to medications or the medical condition itself, you might not be capable of driving yourself, even if you have your own form of transportation. If you couldn’t or didn’t drive prior to a hospital stay, you might be especially challenged to keep a needed follow-up appointment.

Preventative Care and Lab Testing

Preventative care can be just as important as care after an illness. Perhaps you need to meet with your doctor every few months to access your condition or adjust medication but have no way to get to that appointment. Medical transport can allow you to make and keep appointments so that your condition can be managed in a way that gives you the best quality of life.

Wheelchair Transport

If you have a disability or illness that keeps you in a wheelchair, transportation can be especially difficult. If you can leave your wheelchair for a short time to sit in a passenger car, not every car or truck can be used to transport your wheelchair, even if it folds.

Medical transport makes sure that you and your wheelchair can get to and from your appointment in a safe and easy way. Medical transport drivers are also experienced in getting those in wheelchairs in and out of transportation with safety in mind.

Longer Distance Transport Needs

Perhaps you need to get to the airport to travel to see a specialist, or maybe the specialist is local but a long distance from your home. These longer-distance trips can be especially challenging for those who rely on family and friends for transportation needs.

Social Trips and Errands

Your transportation requirements may be more for a mental or spiritual boost than for a routine or urgent medical need. Maybe your problems with transportation have nothing to do with your disability or medical illness at all.

A trip to church, a special family function, or even to another location for a holiday visit might seem like a daunting trip for you, no matter how much you would like to attend. No matter the reason, medical transport can get you to your destination safely and comfortably.

Your reasons for using medical transportation are uniquely your own. Our role is to understand where you need to go and will set about getting you there safely and comfortably. We will give you the reassurance that you are in good hands with us. To make a reservation, visit our reservations page to learn more and schedule your appointment.


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