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There are a lot of considerations to be made when choosing the best non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) service, including reliability, accessibility features, fleet size, professionalism, track record, and more.

Depending on your accessibility needs, you may need special accommodations, including wheel-chair access, lifts, or bariatric accommodations. We are going to cover what makes a good non-emergency medical transport service, what to consider when picking a NEMT service, and why it matters.

What makes a good medical transport service

There is nothing worse than missing appointments and not picking up prescriptions, as this can affect your quality of life. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in finding a non-emergency medical transport service that gets you where you need to go on time, every time, professionally. Here are some key principles that should guide your selection process.


Having a specially modified fleet of vehicles that can accommodate any condition or disability should be the first consideration. Whether you’re in a wheelchair, using a walker, suffering from obesity, or needing a stretcher, the service you choose should have vehicles that can provide the support you need. A medical transport service should have specially outfitted vehicles that are spacious, have ramps or lifts, and supply additional safety equipment.


Any company that is proud of what it sells will have a large fleet of new vehicles that are regularly checked and kept in good shape. This allows any company to ensure it is using the best possible equipment at all times, enabling a non-medical transport service to always be available, no matter the circumstances.


A medical transport company with patients who may be dealing with any number of disabilities must have a staff that is courteous, patient, compassionate, and professional. It’s important that the medical transport company employs a well-trained team who are regularly drug tested, pass background checks, have undergone sensitivity training, and are CPR certified. You should not only get where you’re going on time, but also be treated with respect and dignity the whole time.

Why it matters

Missing medical appointments or being unable to pick up necessary prescriptions as a result of a lack of transportation leads to a disruption in your quality of life and may even have severe medical implications. Choosing the right non-emergency medical transport service can allow you to not only get to and from appointments; can enrich your life with commutes to the grocery stores, church, and long-distance trips.

At HM Transport, you can depend on the professionalism, compassion, and reliability that are at the very core of our mission. We will help you in any way we can to provide the safest and most comfortable experience possible while you commute. HM Transport’s fleet of specially modified vehicles is vast and receives regular maintenance and upkeep.

HM Transport vehicles come with all the safety and accessibility features to meet just about anyone’s needs. Our drivers are there to help. You’ll be treated with respect, compassion, and patience from the moment you contact dispatch to the time your driver arrives at your destination. When it comes to safety and comfort, you should not have to make any sacrifices. If you’re interested in making a reservation with HM Transport today, visit this page to learn more.


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