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According to statistics, 3.6 million people in the United States do not receive medical care due to transportation issues. Common issues with transportation include a lack of access to reliable transportation, long distances, and inadequate vehicles for transport needs. Transportation is a barrier to healthcare, but it shouldn’t be. Although it may seem simple enough to transport your loved ones to medical appointments in a personal vehicle, it’s not a good idea. If medical care is needed, you should steer clear of using a personal vehicle and instead opt for a professional transportation service.

Medical transportation is essential to the overall well-being of any individual, but it is especially important for the sick, physically impaired, and elderly. Access to safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation impacts one’s ability to access appropriate medical care and attention. Professional transportation vehicles are simply better equipped to move patients that have medical needs. Aside from medical appointments, non-emergency medical transportation services are a better option for daily transport needs for errands, shopping, and more.  Here are some of the main problems associated with using a personal vehicle when medical care is needed:

Personal Vehicles Are Not As Safe

Non-emergency medical transportation services are much safer than a personal car. NEMT drivers undergo special training. They are required to have special licenses and certificates in order to operate these types of vehicles. NEMT vehicles are designed to be fast and durable. The risk of injury in a personal vehicle is a major concern when transporting a patient that has medical needs.

You’ll find H&M Transport has the newest and largest fleet of vehicles in the area.

Personal Vehicles Are Not Convenient

NEMT services are highly professional and convenient. Having a friend or relative drive you to appointments can make you feel like a burden at times. Other rideshare options and private drivers aren’t always reliable.

H&M Transport requires just 24-hours advance notice to schedule, so you can easily plan for your non-emergency medical appointments or other transportation needs. Whether you need to go to the bank or the hospital, H&M Transportation is at your service.

Personal Vehicles Aren’t Comfortable

NEMT vehicles keep you comfortable throughout the entire trip. The vehicle fleets are designed to transport patients and accommodate special needs, such as wheelchairs or stretchers. For patients that need to lay completely flat or be transported with an oxygen tank, this may be impossible in a personal vehicle.

Personal Transportation Fails To Provide Peace of Mind

For the aged and disabled, car rides are stressful. The longer the ride, the more stressful it is. Using private transport options doesn’t provide peace of mind to patients. Utilizing a NEMT like H&M Transport provides patients and their loved ones with the peace of mind knowing they’re traveling with the highest quality transportation service. In addition, H&M Transport allows the caregiver to ride along, which means you can be by your loved one’s side if you prefer. 

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