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Over the years, it has become apparent that transportation has become a major barrier to proper healthcare, especially for those with disabilities or chronic conditions.

These often require multiple visits to the hospitals, where the journey is often uncomfortable, and even painful in some cases. Access to safe, comfortable, and reliable transport directly impacts the treatment outcome of the patient and will play a major role in determining recovery.

That is where non-emergency medical transportation (NEMTs) comes in.

These are modes of transport that offer scheduled pickups to and from hospitals for patients who have no proper access to modes of transportation. If you resort to using NEMTs, below are some standards you should hold them up to for the best outcome:

Right to be Treated with Respect and Dignity

Whether you have special needs, are a senior citizen, or have a medical condition, you have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Our clients are our top priority because we would not be doing what we do without them. That’s why it is recommended that all NEMT staff undergo patient and senior sensitivity courses.

Right to Privacy

Similar to everyone else in the medical profession, NEMTs should ensure patient privacy and confidentiality are upheld. Your personal health information should not be shared with other parties not involved in the treatment.

There should be no pressure to provide details about the medical procedure or appointment that you are headed to. You should not be asked by anyone to disclose what the procedure is, any test results, or your diagnosis. If the company or staff insists on getting this detail without any valid reasons, then that’s a red flag.

Right to Safe and Clean Transport

You have a right to be transported in a clean and safe vehicle. Nobody wants to book a non-emergency medical transport only to put themselves in danger of injury or contracting other infections. NEMTs should uphold safety and sanitation in all vehicles.

It is recommended that after each trip, all vehicles are disinfected and detailed weekly to ensure cleanliness. Inspection of the vehicles should also be conducted weekly to ensure safety and reliability.

Right to Expression

As the client, you should express your opinions freely without fear of what will happen if you do. If you feel uncomfortable in the sitting position, mention it and have it adjusted. Your comfort is paramount for you to have the best NEMT experience. If you encounter rude or uncooperative personnel, ensure you report this immediately.


We know how stressful it is for individuals who need assistance when traveling to medical appointments, getting discharged from the hospital, attending recurring appointments, gathering with friends and family, or even running daily errands.

Non-medical emergency transport services offer the limelight when it comes to the ease of moving around when you have special needs or a chronic condition, especially in urban areas. As much as we appreciate the comfort and convenience, ensure that you know your rights even as you use NEMTs.


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