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Driving to and from medical appointments isn’t always possible, safe, or practical. You may need to ride home on a stretcher after having surgery to avoid unnecessary strain and stress on your body and mind. Perhaps you can’t drive yourself and don’t have family members willing and able to drive you to every appointment. The more complicated your medical needs and the more limited your mobility, the more likely you are to have transportation struggles.

That’s where non-emergency medical transportation comes into play. Research has shown that missing medical appointments—even routine checkups—increases the risk of medical complications and fatality. Many missed appointments are attributable to a lack of transportation, especially for the elderly and disabled.

Your health is important, and you want to show up on time for every appointment. If that seems like a struggle at times, there is one way to ensure that you can get to the hospital or doctor’s office when needed.

The Simple Solution for Transportation Issues

Partnering with a reliable transportation service centered on medical needs is one of the easiest ways to prevent cancellations and no-shows. You know there is always a safe ride available even if you can’t travel comfortably in a vehicle or don’t have anyone available to drive you.

As soon as you schedule a medical appointment, it’s time to plan for transportation. If you’re unable to drive yourself and aren’t certain that a loved one is available, you can schedule an appointment for non-medical transport. With both appointments in place, you’ll have peace of mind that you can get to and from the hospital or doctor’s office safely.

Benefits of Using Non-Emergency Transport Services

Riding to and from a medical appointment in a non-emergency medical transport vehicle is different than calling a cab. A cab driver has no interest in your medical issues and won’t do much more than drive you to your destination and collect payment. They expect you to get in and out of the vehicle on your own. The same goes for Uber and other transportation options.

Non-emergency medical transport is different because you’re traveling with trained professionals who care about your mental, emotional, and physical comfort. You can make them aware of any mobility issues, anxiety, or other problems that may complicate your trip. These professionals are compassionate and have the expertise needed to accommodate your needs while keeping you safe and comfortable.

Options for Travel

When arranging for non-emergency medical transport, you can select the service that best fits your travel needs. Some of the options include:

  •       Help getting in and out of the vehicle
  •       Wheelchair accommodations
  •       Stretcher transports

Medical transport services will cater to your health needs. They aren’t just drivers. You can get to and from medical appointments with trained professionals who want to keep you safe and make you as comfortable as possible.

Do you want to explore your options for non-emergency medical transportation in Virginia or the Washington D.C. metro? Give H&M Transport a call at (703) 304-7889 or learn more about our transport services online. 


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