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You can secure safe transportation services even if you’re not headed to the emergency room or urgent care. H&M Transport specializes in getting you and your loved ones where you need to go on time and in complete comfort. We’re dedicated to safety and punctuality because we know that transport services are essential to maintain a healthy quality of life.

There are some things you may not know when you schedule your first non-emergency medical transport. To help you select the right service in confidence, we’re ready to answer some of the most frequently asked questions our professionals hear.

Bariatric Transport Services are Available

If you or someone you love weighs more than 300 pounds, you don’t have to ride in discomfort. Bariatric transport services are available for passengers up to 650 pounds. These rides utilize advanced stretchers that are easily expanded to provide more space than a standard stretcher.

Asking for bariatric transport is advised for all passengers over 300 pounds for a few reasons:

  •       Your comfort is important. Securing a stretcher that allows you to ride without pressure or pain is essential.
  •       Transport personnel can arrive prepared to handle bariatric passengers safely. They may need special tools or equipment to ensure you or your loved one are safe during the loading and unloading process.
  •       Your trip may be delayed if you order standard stretcher transport and a bariatric stretcher is required for safe transport.

We’re Trained to Help with Safe Transitions

If you or your loved one struggle with transitions between a wheelchair and vehicle, we’re here to help. Schedule ambulatory transport services and our professionals will ensure every passenger is securely transferred between a wheelchair and our modified passenger vehicles.

It’s best if we know about any mobility limitations prior to arriving for transportation. That ensures our staff members are aware of the services needed and can arrive prepared to help in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

Missed Appointments Can Impact Your Health

When you delay or cancel medical appointments due to lack of transportation, it can impact your health in the future. Every medical appointment is scheduled for a purpose, and you want to ensure that you and your loved ones receive prompt and thorough attention to all needs. Even a general check-up is important to maintaining your health.

It’s better to schedule a non-medical transport than to cancel or reschedule. Even if you realize last minute that you don’t have a ride, contact us to get the transportation you need and deserve.

You’re Not Limited to Medical Appointments

We understand that you may need safe transportation to the supermarket, church, or even locations further away from home. That’s why our non-emergency transportation services are available for personal errands, family or social events, and other general transport needs.

If there’s somewhere you need or want to go and you don’t have a ride, H&M Transport is ready to assist. If you’re concerned that you won’t have a ride to an important event, you can reserve your transport as early in advance as possible. That ensures we’re aware of your needs and will have the appropriate vehicle available to get you there on time.

Are you ready to ride? Contact us to schedule your next non-emergency transport. 


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