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You’ve probably heard of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, or NEMT, but do you really know what it entails? It’s a specialized service designed to help those who can’t just hop in a taxi to get to their medical appointments. It’s a great service for individuals with mobility issues, chronic diseases, or conditions that prevent them from driving or using public transport. As our population ages and healthcare accessibility increases, the demand for non-emergency medical transportation is on the rise. So, let’s discuss how NEMT providers and brokers are becoming essential players in getting people the medical care they need.

What is Considered Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)?

While you may not be in an emergency situation, there could be times when you need more help than a standard taxi service can provide, and this is where Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) comes into play.

Funding sources for this form of transportation can be complex. Medicaid participants are offered the benefit through statewide brokers, and Medicare advantage programs often offer the benefit. Other times, state and local programs, departments of aging, and hospital systems step in, recognizing the cost effectiveness of keeping people healthy rather than treating worsened medical issues later.

Unfortunately, everyone is not covered under these funding sources, but in that case- H&M Transport specializes in Private Pay services and we provide multiple convenient methods of payment.

The benefits of non-emergency medical transportation is clear: it provides necessary transport for those who can’t use standard services. But it’s not without challenges. Specially equipped vehicles and trained drivers are necessary, which can strain resources.

Yet, the future trends of NEMT look promising. With an aging population and increased healthcare accessibility, demand for these services is set to rise. Non-emergency medical transportation is an essential service, bridging the gap between healthcare needs and transportation accessibility, even when it’s not an emergency.

A wheelchair being loaded into an NEMT van

What are NEMT brokers?

Non-emergency medical transportation brokers manage Medicaid/Medicare advantage transportation benefits by connecting the passengers with NEMT providers. Brokers are responsible for maintaining a trained/credentialed network of providers and ensuring NEMT providers meet program KPIs to ensure service quality.

If your health insurance includes the transportation benefit, you should have a number on the back of your card that you can call and schedule your transportation. The broker will then match you with the right provider within their network which provides the appropriate level of service for your needs. Whether you require a standard vehicle or one equipped for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, or Stretchers, they make sure your specific needs are met.

There are quite a few NEMT brokers in the United States, here is a list of the brokers H&M Transport works with:

SafeRide Health

So now that you understand how brokers work, let’s discuss how NEMT providers work.

What are NEMT Providers?

NEMT providers are businesses which provide transportation services. Providers such as H&M Transport have a fleet of ADA Wheelchair or Stretcher accessible vehicles with meticulously trained drivers that meet the highest national standards. Providers with this attention to quality and detail ensure all mobility devices can be secured properly, resulting in a safe comfortable ride to their appointment.

At H&M Transport, we work with brokers, but also provide users with the option to schedule their own trips through phone reservations, on our website or our app.

In essence, NEMT providers are the backbone of non-emergency medical transportation, dedicated to bridging the gap between healthcare services and those who need them.

How do NEMT Service Providers Work?

Facing the challenge of reaching your medical appointments, you might find yourself in need of a NEMT service provider, but how exactly do they operate? NEMT technology advancements have made it possible for you to connect with a service provider simply by using an app on your phone. Once you make a request, our dispatch center assigns an available vehicle to pick you up. Once your trip has been scheduled, you can count on your driver to show up at the pick up location on time and safely transport you to your drop off destination.

NEMT driver training plays an essential role in the process. The driver, having received your pick-up details, uses software to find efficient routes to your location. This ensures that they arrive promptly and safely. They’ll assist you in boarding and exiting the vehicle, as well as escorting you to your door or if requested, inside your home.

NEMT patient comfort is a top priority as well. These vehicles are equipped to provide a comfortable ride, even if you’re not feeling your best. So, the next time you’re unable to drive yourself to a doctor’s appointment or have no one to give you a ride, remember that NEMT service providers are available to support you.

NEMT staff assisting a patient on a stretcher inside a van

The Value of NEMT

As you navigate your healthcare needs, remember, H&M Transport is here for you.

Whether you schedule directly through us or your health insurances transportation broker- non-emergency medical transportation guarantees your safe and comfortable journey to medical appointments.

They’re not just drivers, they’re trained professionals who understand and cater to your unique needs.

So whether you’re managing chronic illness, mobility issues, or simply can’t drive, reach out to us at H&M Transport to see how we can help you navigate your NEMT needs.

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