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Do you know the benefits of medical transportation services?

In Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Southern Maryland, getting around these urban areas can be tricky. Many people frequently travel to these cities for medical assistance, as there are many great doctors and specialists in the area.

However, this makes getting to necessary appointments difficult and even impossible for many individuals, especially those with medical issues that prohibit them from walking long distances or traveling in a standard vehicle.

At H&M Transportation, we pride ourselves on being a family owned and operated business used for medical transportation services since 2007. Our main goal is to provide safe and comfortable transportation to those who cannot transport themselves. We offer assistance getting to and around Central Virginia, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and other popular surrounding cities. 

Now, more than ever, we all know that getting the medical care you need is important. Here are some benefits of the medical transportation services we offer throughout Northern Virginia, Lynchburg, The New River Valley, and more.

1. We accommodate a wide variety of medical transportation needs

We specialize in providing non-emergency medical transportation services that accommodate wheelchairs, stretchers, or bariatric stretchers, as well as services to ambulatory patients. We’re also happy to offer another single passenger for free of charge in the case that you need assistance or someone to accompany you in your travels. 

2. Clients don’t have to miss out

Whether you’re traveling to and from family gatherings, special events, appointments, and more, we’re happy to get you to where you need to go. 

Our drivers are first aid/CPR certified, have passed pre-employment background checks, drug screenings, and have also completed patient and elderly sensitivity training as well as defensive driving courses. Wherever you need to go– we’ll get you there!

3. Our medical transportation services cover a large area

When it comes to Washington, D.C., Southern Maryland, and Central Virginia, we’re the company to trust for all your medical transportation services needs. From Loudoun to Fairfax to Prince William Counties, we pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible to all who need it. 

Our wide service area also allows us to help even more clients than before. To see our full service area, click here. 

We provide medical transportation to all who need it, with emphasis on accommodating some common health issues that may make travel difficult. For more questions or to get to know us better, visit our website!


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