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When looking for means of transportation in the Washington D.C. and Virginia areas, you’re probably wondering if a bus company can accommodate your medical needs. The truth is, though, many individuals suffer when trying to use public transportation for getting rides to procedures, medical appointments, and other special trips. Luckily, H&M Transport is here for you. 

How do we differ from a bus company?

Avoid the discomforts of public transportation by using our services to get the non-emergency medical transportation you need. We’re happy to offer a wide variety of transport services, perfect for you or your loved one who may need it.

H&M Transport can be used in non-emergency situations to get those who may have difficulty traveling in a regular vehicle to where they need to be, safely and securely.  Whether this is transportation to an appointment, a store, or running other errands, you can feel at peace knowing you don’t have to rely on any old bus company that’s not well equipped for your medical needs. H&M Transport exists in Lynchburg, Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William counties to get you where you need to go every single time you need transportation!

The H&M Transport Difference

At H&M Transport, we believe in providing transportation to those who require assistance when traveling to medical appointments, being discharged from the hospital, attending recurring appointments, and running personal errands. 

Our services accommodate wheelchairs, stretchers, or bariatric stretchers, as well as ambulatory patients. We’re happy to make a difference, which is why we’re proud to help riders travel to and from family gatherings and offer medical transportation support for special events. 

Our drivers are first aid/CPR certified, have passed pre-employment background checks, drug screenings, and have also completed patient and elderly sensitivity training as well as defensive driving courses.

If you’re considering using any old bus company for your transportation needs – think again. We’re here to help you ride comfortably and safely, and can offer support every step of the way. Don’t settle for discomfort – we’re here to help you!

We’re here for you

Many companies aren’t able to provide transportation due to limited vehicles. At H&M Transport, that’s not the case.  We have around 60 vehicles in our fleet, meaning we’re able to accommodate you, and many others, whenever you need us.

At H&M Transport, we firmly believe that finding non-emergency medical transportation shouldn’t be a luxury. That’s why our dedicated staff work day in and out to provide the best service to all of Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, and everywhere in between. 

Whether you have an appointment, special event, a church service, or a procedure to get done in Washington, D.C, Richmond, or Charlottesville, we can help you book transportation right away, so you never have to miss an appointment or special event again. 

Contact us today to get started or visit our online booking page to get an estimate for your next trip!


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