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Are you local to Northern Virginia, near Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William counties and need non-emergency medical transportation? H&M Transport can help!

At H&M Transport, we believe in providing transportation to those who require assistance when traveling to medical appointments, being discharged from the hospital, attending recurring appointments, gathering with friends and family, and running personal errands. 

We specialize in providing non-emergency medical transportation services that accommodate wheelchairs, stretchers, bariatric stretchers, and offer services to ambulatory patients.

Our drivers are first aid/CPR certified, have passed pre-employment background checks, drug screenings, and have also completed patient and elderly sensitivity training as well as defensive driving courses. This allows our clients to feel at ease when traveling with us. 

As the #1 non-emergency medical transportation service here in Virginia, Southern Maryland and surrounding cities, we take your choice to ride with us very seriously. We know traveling in standard vehicles and other transportation services can be uncomfortable and accommodating. Our fleet of 60+ vehicles are designed to give you the reassurance that you can still get to the places you need to go with a little bit of help from H&M Transport.

If you need transport to accommodate needs like: ambulatory, wheelchair, stretcher, or bariatric around Washington, D.C., Loudoun, or Fairfax, reach out to us today!

We’re more than happy to get you started on paperwork and come up with the best plan possible to get you where you need to go.

The short answer– yes, you can use non-emergency medical transportation, no matter where you’re headed! We’re happy to accommodate you for all of your appointments, errands, shopping, and trips.

We’re the company to trust for all your transportation needs in Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William Counties in Northern Virginia. We’ve also helped clients travel to Southern Maryland, Charlottesville, and Central Virginia for over a decade and pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible to all who need it. 

Simply reserve your appointment here by filling in a few simple questions that will aid us in getting you the best possible transportation to fit your needs. 

Not sure if we are able to assist you? Check out our map online of areas we service or contact us today for more information. 


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