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A wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV) allows passengers to easily board vehicles thanks to the inclusion of ramps or lifts, and ride safely in comfort without having to exit their chair. At H&M Transport, we specialize in providing the most secure, reliable medical transportation for non-emergency situations. 

If you or a loved one rely on a wheelchair, you likely know the frustration of attempting to arrange transportation. With our company, you will always have access to safe, wheelchair-accessible vehicles for your medical transportation needs.

What is WAV transportation?

WAV stands for wheelchair-accessible vehicle. These vehicles are optimized for wheelchair users with ramps or lifts, as well as side or rear entry for passengers who rely on non-folding, motorized wheelchairs in their daily lives.

Our WAV transportation options allow passengers with wheelchairs to easily go about their lives, whether they’re headed to a medical appointment or simply running errands.

Improving Quality of Life

Being wheelchair-bound should not impact a person’s ability to live fully. We are committed to offering WAV options for passengers to reach their destinations without compromising their needs or comfort.

We believe that quality transportation directly influences someone’s quality of life. Being able to get to and from your destinations on time without any discomfort or anxiety is an important part of daily well-being.

Our wheelchair-accessible vehicles help you easily transition from ground to vehicle using safety equipment such as ramps and lifts for both traditional and motorized wheelchairs.

Trained Drivers Who Make Transit Enjoyable

All of the driving staff at H&M Transport are trained to ensure that passengers are securely transported from point A to point B. We inquire about all mobility limitations and medical needs ahead of time to ensure we can provide the safest, most enjoyable experience for patients and accompanying passengers.

Reach Appointments Without Delay

Attempting to arrange transportation for a wheelchair user without accessible vehicles can negatively impact healthcare. Appointment delays contribute to added stress and anxiety, which ultimately make the experience far more daunting than it needs to be.

In some cases, delayed transportation can even result in missed appointments. This not only affects patients’ health today, but it also alters their ability to receive care in the future. It can even incur missed appointment fees that further complicate their medical care.

Our WAVs ensure that patients reach their medical appointments securely and on time, and that they are safely transported back to their starting point without complications.

Access Everywhere You Need, Wheelchair-Friendly

In addition to non-emergency medical visits, a wheelchair-accessible vehicle can also take passengers to other locations. Whether it’s the local shopping mall, a family get-together, dinner at a restaurant, or even church on Sunday morning, our non-emergency medical transportation services are always available to ensure you have the right transportation for your needs.

Ready to schedule a ride? Contact H&M Transport today to schedule your ride with one of our friendly drivers.


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