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A white van is the first impression that comes to your mind when you think of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT). Nonetheless, there are numerous types of NEMT vehicles, such as ambulances and automobiles. If you or a beloved one needs assistance navigating to your community, we can provide it.

What is Non-Emergency Transport?

Non-Emergency Transport is a medical transportation service that provides non-emergency medical transportation to unable-to-travel patients living in the community. If you have difficulty getting around using a wheelchair or walker, NEMT can aid you in reaching your destination.

NEMT also refers to an ambulance with paramedics on board who arrive at your location ahead of time, so they can take over for us when our vehicle arrives there.

When are you eligible for Non-Emergency Transport?

You are qualified for Non-Emergency Transport if you are expectant, disabled, and at least 65 years old. If you are eligible for Non-Emergency Transport, it is critical that you understand how to utilize it correctly so that the procedure runs smoothly and efficiently.

How do you get NEMT?

Here are some options for how you can get NEMT:

  • Contact your doctor. They will be able to assist with getting you scheduled or billing for services. If they do not have the capability, they may refer you to another healthcare provider who does have this capability.
  • Contact your insurance company, if applicable; they may be able to help facilitate payment for these services or provide information about other resources that may be available where free or low-cost care is provided by government agencies.
  • Contact a NEMT provider directly via phone call or email; there are many different types, including local businesses like ambulance services but also national organizations such as Volunteer Emergency Response Team (VERT), which offers training programs nationwide with an emphasis on community first aid availability including CPR skills needed during natural disasters.

What services does a NEMT provide?

The main purpose of non-emergency medical transport service is to provide transportation for patients who cannot drive themselves or are too sick to be transported by other means. Some of the common NEMT services offered at H&M include:

  • Health calls: NEMTs can help you with various medical issues, including chronic and acute conditions. They also provide urgent care, non-medical services, and advice on how to manage your health.
  • Doctor visits: The NEMT can help patients find a doctor, get to the doctor, and return home after the visit.
  • Airport drop-off/pick-up: NEMTs can be used to get to or from the airport. Their passengers can also use them to get from the airport back home or even further out of town.

What to expect when using a NEMT?

When a NEMT picks you up, you will be transported in a safe and comfortable vehicle. The professional will also accompany you during the ride so that they can make sure that everything goes smoothly. There are many different types of NEMTs available today, each with its unique features.

We provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services in Virginia or the Washington D.C. metro.

We have more than ten years of experience providing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services to our customers. Highly trained drivers provide our services with vast experience driving patients safely home or to their destination of choice. We offer different types of vehicles, including sedans, vans, and SUVs, depending upon the customer’s needs at that time.


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